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Market Efficiency, R.I.P.; Merton vs. Merton

One of the fathers of efficient markets movement was Robert C Merton ("continuous Time Finance"). This makes the Grandfather of the efficient markets movement, the answer to why it has broken down. Robert K Merton, "Mister C's" daddy, was a US academic and sociologist who invented the concept of "Unintended Consequences".

Who wants to retire anyway?

The word 'retirement' will retire to the dictionary, as a peculiar, old-fashioned tradition from the 20th century.

"Life of Pi" or why Average Joe does not like risk

Some 10 years before the film, I embarked on my last ever childfree holiday, and ‘Life of Pi’ was one of the many novels I packed. The book was a phenomenal tale of choices and self-delusion and its ending in particular left a permanent impression on me. Like many, I thought it impossible for the book to be translated to the big screen, but the director Ang Lee, delivered a stunning visual feast of oceanic storms with plenty of sharks and one very large tiger.